Vinyl Printing

Please email with your logo for a personalised quote.


Vinyl Print Customisation Prices

One-colour Print

Small - from £2.03 to £2.58
Medium - from £2.39 to £2.84
Large - from £2.44 to £3.10

Multi-coloured Print

Small - from £2.83 to£3.60
Medium - from £3.35 to £3.90
Large - from £3.30 to £4.20


More intricate designs are available in sizes medium and large with an extra charge.
Size guide: Small - up to 110mm diameter. Large - up to 250mm x 250mm



**Prices above are priced per logo per garment.
An embroidery logo is anything other than the pre-loaded fonts available.
Please note some customisations require an embroidery origination fee.
All embroidery files are none transferable.**